15 Ways to Achieve Your Spiritual Health Goals

What are the ways to achieve spiritual health goals?

Are you at peace with yourself?

There are many ways that you can achieve spiritual health goals and be at peace with yourself and with those around you.

Defining spiritual health will probably not be an easy task for you to readily do, right?

Maybe true… and that’s because there isn’t really one definition that can be used to completely summarize what spiritual health is. Spirit and spirituality can often mean different things to different people across many cultures. 

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Defining spiritual health

Spiritual health can be described as encompassing organized religion and prayer, as well as broader concepts such as purpose, hope, and peace. This includes a belief in a supreme human being and a guiding sense of meaning and value.

Your spiritual dimension is your center – your commitment to your value system. You’re in good spiritual health when you feel at peace with life. 

Generally, people like to live a meaningful and purposeful life, therefore when those goals are met, it puts peace and harmony in your life and the lives of those around you. 

Spiritual health articles exist, which give meaning to what you can generally determine as being in a state of good spiritual health and wellness.

How’s your spiritual health?

According to an article by The Student Wellness Services, University of Northern Iowa, the following are some of the signs you should have if you are spiritually healthy:

  • You are insightful and have a nurturing relationship with self and others
  • Cultivation and fulfilment of purpose in your life
  • You possess a strong personal value system.

Spiritual health examples

  • Hope
  • Positive outlook
  • Acceptance of death
  • Forgiveness, Self Acceptance
  • Commitment
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Clear values
  • Sense of worth
  • Peace
  • Worship, prayer, and meditation.
Spiritual Health

You should use the facts above to make your own spiritual health assessment and determine what your current spiritual state is, and where you are in your spiritual wellness. Most importantly, your self-assessment will help you determine what areas to work on, to achieve maximum spiritual health and wellness.

Tips to help you on your journey

Here are some tips on ways to achieve your spiritual health goals. You may try them out and choose the ones that make you find peace and harmony in your life. Because people differ in their beliefs, values and purpose, it is important that you determine what areas you need to work on, to reach your own personal spiritual health goals.

Make a list

Make a list

When you start your journey to spiritual health, start a journal and make a list of all the things which give you a sense of strength, love, peace of mind, and a positive connection to something or someone. When you make your list, expand on each item, and indicate how each one gives you what you need to be able to attain your spiritual health goals.

Spend some quiet moments alone

Find some time daily to spend quiet moments alone, just by yourself. Just sit down and listen to your quiet breathing for a while. Silence can be calming, relaxing, and therapeutic. You can also take a lazy walk, or walk to the park and just sit on a bench alone and spend some quiet watching small children playing around. You could also take an inspirational book with you to read. 

Meditation for spiritual health

Practicing meditation for spiritual health reduces stress and helps you to relax. Managing your time and your daily tasks can sometimes be tedious, so it is crucial that you devote some time to connect with yourself. Spend some time meditating either in the morning when you wake up, during your lunch break, or before you go to bed at night.


Take five to ten minutes to meditate every day. Through meditation, you can bring your unruly mind under control. This helps bring calmness and create peace of mind that enables you to achieve the things you want to do.

Incorporating meditation and relaxation into your lifestyle will help free your mind and foster a stronger relationship with your spiritual health and wellness.

Embrace a faith

What faith do you practice? For some people, faith and religion go hand in hand. You may find faith by going to church or get involved in any other religious activities that you believe in. If you believe in praying to a higher being or reading religious doctrines, then do so. 

Explore the core of your spiritual health

In your journey to strengthen your spiritual health, ask yourself questions about your person and the meaning of your existence. Ask yourself, “Who am I”? “What is my purpose in life”? “What are the things that I value the most”?

These questions will help you think more in-depth about yourself. You may be able to figure out things about yourself that will help you achieve fulfillment in your life.  

Be inquisitive and curious

An attitude of being inquisitive and actively searching increases your options and your potential for spiritual centering. Do not shut doors before you check out what is behind them.

For example, some people find the laying on of hands to be a powerful centering experience for good spiritual health. A silent retreat might renew your enthusiasm to explore this option. Meditation or yoga may very well allow you to experience tranquility and peace.

Be expressive – say what’s on your mind

To achieve spiritual health growth, you should be expressive and say what’s on your mind. Expressing what is on your mind will help you to maintain a focused mind.

Writing down your thoughts can also help to remember things and help you think clearer. You can look deep within yourself for deeper meanings in your life.

Looking for deeper meanings in your life and analyzing certain patterns can help you to gain control over your destiny. Being able to do this can help you to achieve a happy and healthy spiritual life.

Daily Exercise

Exercising for spiritual Health

Exercising does not only mean going to the gym and pumping iron. It can also involve relaxation activities like going for a walk or doing some yoga. It can mean taking 15 minutes to do some stretches or even play in the park with your kids.

Start yoga

Yoga is a physical activity that can help you to improve your spiritual health by reducing emotional and physical strains on your mind and your body. Yoga is taught at various different levels, and can help lower your stress level, boost your immune system, and lower your blood pressure. It can also help reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. 

Positive thinking helps you achieve spiritual health goals

To attain good spiritual health, you should start thinking positively and viewing things in your life in a positive manner. When you get into the habit of doing this, you will find yourself thinking differently.

You will refocus your mind towards a happy, healthier place. Eliminating negativity and re-framing how you think and feel about certain things and situations, you’ll notice yourself being more relaxed… that’s a spiritually healthy place. 

Laugh more

Laughter is good and contagious, so adapt yourself to laughing as much as you can. Laughter has many health benefits. It will give you happiness, help you burn some calories, and strengthen your stomach muscles.

Connect with others

Making time for your family and friends is one of the most important ways to achieve your spiritual health goals. Feeling connected with others and being part of a community can help give you a sense of purpose and a feeling that you’re contributing to society and attaining the level of spiritual health that you desire for yourself.

Being forgiving helps achieve spiritual health goals

It is important to be forgiving if you’re looking for ways to achieve your spiritual health goals. You will feel a sense of peace of mind when you forgive others easily.

You will always find a sense of peace in forgiveness. It may take a while to forgive, but ultimately it is an act that will enrich your spiritual health and wellbeing. 

Be open-minded

One of the ways to achieve your spiritual health goals is to learn to not focus on just yourself all the time. Try to see other people’s point of view also.

Being more open-minded and non-judgmental will allow you to gain valuable knowledge about situations and make you more aware of things that might not be so evident.

Be open-minded for spiritual growth

Having confidence in your beliefs is a positive thing but remember that you can always learn from, and grow with others as well. Spiritual experiences can happen anywhere at any time. Be open to new experiences and feelings. If you are open to making the connection with yourself and others you will see so much more of the good in the world and the positive effects you’re likely to have on others.

Travel – take some time for yourself

Take some time for yourself and travel to a comforting place or somewhere new. This is one of the awesome ways to achieve your spiritual health goals.

It can do wonders to your mind and spiritual well being. You should travel alone, and go to a place where your mind is able to keep out distractions. This will help you to reflect and rest and have a better connection with yourself.

You can also practice taking a temporary vow of silence. During this period, you should remain absolutely quiet, and to yourself for a certain period of time.

You will be able to eliminate stressors and focus your mind on the right path for overall wellness and good spiritual health.

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  2. I didn’t know the importance of spiritual health for a long time too. Yoga’s really awesome.
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  3. I love this, I don’t think people focus on their spiritual health enough. I’m going to try practicing yoga. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yes, this is a good time to look inwards and find some purposefulness to one’s existence.
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  5. I used to love to travel, it was therapeutic for me. I guess it helped my spiritual well-being as well.
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  6. I started yoga not too long ago, and it’s been very therapeutic.
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  7. Yes, meditation is very powerful. I recently found that out myself. Hope you’ll find time in the future for it.
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  8. I’m the queen of making lists, but I never seem to find time for meditation. I still have some work to do, it seems.

  9. Lots of great ideas here and very timely. Yoga is my favorite. My yoga practice has been so helpful these past few months!

  10. I find traveling even if its just to somewhere close by for a day helps reduce stress! Whenever I get stressed I head for the nearest park and spend a few hours by myself

  11. A nice list. Connecting with others and spending time in nature seem to be the most important ones in my life.

  12. I used to think that spirituality was synonymous with religion too. I was wrong.
    Thanks for finding some usefulness in the article!

  13. For the longest time I thought I had to be religious to be spiritual. So not the case. This is a great comprehensive post.

  14. Being forgiving is one of the best things you can do for your spiritual well-being.

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