Massage Gun Therapy – How To Say Goodbye To Your Aching Muscles

Massage gun therapy is one of the most recent breakthroughs in muscle rehabilitation. Massage guns are getting more popular than ever since their invention in 2008. Celebrities, fitness influencers, and professional athletes swear by it, and it’s easy to see why.

Massage guns are portable devices that can be used to target specific muscle groups in your body. You can use them for general muscle discomfort, and they’re frequently used after an exercise to speed up your recovery.

Massage Gun Treatment
Massage Gun Treatment

A massage gun produces outcomes that are similar to those of a deep tissue massage. The beauty of this is that you can get all of the benefits of a massage gun in minutes. You’ll do so while staying on track with your personal schedule and routines in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re an athlete or just a fitness fanatic, this device makes managing your muscle health an easy task.

Massage guns have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the multiple benefits they give. The benefits include pain alleviation and improved blood circulation, among other things.

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What is a massage gun?

Massage guns are also known as “percussive massage treatment” or “vibration therapy”. They are small, handheld devices that look and sound like a power drill in particular situations.

They’re primarily wireless and come with a variety of attachments that can be swapped out. The majority of them are powered by a rechargeable battery.

When you turn on the gun and put it on your muscles, the attachments vibrate or “percuss”. They do so at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement.

Massage gun users say that using them helps them recover faster from workouts. It also enhances overall performance while reducing pain and soreness.

Massage gun therapy for sore, aching muscles

You can use a massage gun whenever you need to release muscle tension in your body. But it’s especially useful after an exercise to speed up your recovery and lessen muscle discomfort.

The massage helps relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, as well as reduce muscle stiffness. It helps increase blood flow and minimize muscle soreness.

There’s also evidence that massage gun therapy can reduce delayed onset muscle pain in your body. This happens in the same way that massage therapy does.

Muscle soreness is the tightness and achiness you feel in your muscles a day or two after strenuous activity.

The massage gun’s design is ergonomically sound and appropriately weighted for treating yourself or others.

The advantages of massage gun therapy extend far beyond the initial sensation of relaxation that you get from using one. Its use can help you with future performance during physical activities and the prevention of injuries.

How the massage gun therapy works

Massage guns use percussive therapy, which is related to vibration therapy. When you apply them, they move back and forth, delivering pressure to your strained muscle tissue.

When you move them around, they are able to relieve fluid and tension buildups from the area being worked on.

According to research, if you experience muscle pain while you’re recovering from a workout, you may benefit from vibration therapy.

You may benefit from utilizing a massage gun after a workout. It can aid in the removal of lactic acid buildup in your muscle. Lactic acid buildup in your muscles is the most common cause of your muscle soreness.

According to the findings of a 2014 study, vibration therapy can help you to avoid delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS).

If you’re a regular exerciser, you’re likely to benefit from using a massage gun on a regular basis. If you have delayed onset muscular soreness, you’ll benefit from its use.

Vibration therapy can also help you if you have peripheral artery disease (PAD). Massage gun therapy can help you improve your strength and mobility.

If you have cerebral palsy, you may benefit from vibration treatment or massage gun therapy.

You may also benefit from massage guns if you have any of these health conditions:

How to use a massage gun

How to use a massage gun
How to use a massage gun

Use a massage gun whenever you have muscle tightness or soreness. It is, however, most commonly used before and after workouts.

You should warm up with a massage gun before a training session. This can help you to reduce pain or stiffness from previous exercises. It will also help to engage your muscles.

It is recommended that you use your massage gun within 48 hours of completing a workout. This will aid with muscle healing and reduce discomfort.

How to use your massage gun effectively

  • Find an area on your body where your muscle feels tight. Start by moving the gun over the bulk of the muscle in that area.
  • Increase pressure as tolerated, but do not add pressure too aggressively.
  • Massage one spot for up to 15 seconds or sweep over an area for two minutes. Some massage guns have a monitor connected to an app. This will help direct you on how hard and how long to go.
  • Stay away from bony areas during the deep massage.
  • Avoid going over any area where you have an injury, or you’re experiencing acute pain. Doing so may aggravate the problem.

If you have an injury, check with your doctor or a physical therapist before using a massage gun on it.

Also, if you feel more soreness after using your massage gun, you’ve probably pushed too hard or too long.

What to consider before you buy a massage gun

If you’re interested in massage gun therapy, you should consider getting one. You should do some research online to find those ones with good reviews.

We have researched and reviewed some of the best massage guns on Amazon. You’ll find links to the ones with the best reviews on this post.

The massage gun you intend to purchase should come with different attachments to help you hit hard-to-reach or difficult spots.

You should also consider one that has different speed settings. This will enable you to choose more gentle or more percussive massage movements that are suitable for your tolerance.

Check out our hand-picked recommended favorites:

Consult your doctor before using a massage gun if:

  • You’re pregnant.
  • You bruise easily.
  • Nerve sensitivity is a health problem you have.
  • You have deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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