So, Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Ana Smith. easy to remember!😍

Welcome to Sassy Dama, and thank you for checking out my blog today. I hope that you’ll find your stay here fulfilling somehow.

Sassy Dama was founded by a positively sassy mom who hugely indulges in all things creative and versatile!… that’ll be me!

I’m a mom (phew😍), microbiologist, nurse, online marketer, publisher, and blogger who loves home decor!

As a  nurse, I’ve had over 22 years’ experience working in pediatrics, geriatrics, rehabilitative nursing care, and hospice. I guess that explains a lot about my passion for writing on health conditions and home remedies.

I blog on topics that I’m knowledgeable or passionate about. Then, with whatever little time I’m able to squeeze out, I write and publish fiction and non-fiction books.

I also love creating notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, coloring books, guest books, and assessment notebooks for nurses which I market on the Amazon platform.

Here at Sassy Dama, I really want it to be about you…

This is a place I’d like every woman to find inspiration and answers to everyday topics. I blog to provide tips and guidelines, product reviews, and various problem-solving topics ranging from natural remedies for ailments to spiritual health, to budget planning, to how you can read your first sonogram (lol)😄!

I really hope that the resources you find here will inspire you to take action toward living your strongest, best, and healthiest life.

So, grab a cup of coffee, soda, or a glass of wine and your favorite muffin (or whatever will make your reading a lotta fun)…

… kick off your shoes, relax, and explore!

I hope that you’ll have as much fun doing so, as I’ve had to pen down every word!

Our opinions may differ too, so let me know what you feel!

You may contact me on Facebook, or by using the form on my Contact Page.



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